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    Easiest way to create a tribute for the funeral service

    With Prodiz Memoria you can provide the complete funeral service with image and sound. You can collect videos, photos and music within the system. The system is also optimised for editing and trimming photo and video material; so you do not need extra expensive software! With the system you can create several pause images (portrait photo with text and background) and video’s , you can plan the service form the start of the service till the end of the service.

    Make your memorial video here

    Request a free demo-account via info@prodizmemoria.com and log in here:



    The complete control over your memorial. You can edit elements piece by piece and you can use our beautifull theme video's.

    • Cut, rotate and mirror
    • Choose a frame for a photo
    • Choose a position for the cut-out
    • Choose a background image or upload your own
    • Choose a background quote or type your own
    • Choose a background color
    • Choose a background video
    • Create theme video(s)
    • Bulk edit
    • Create multiple video's (chapters)
    • Set the orders of the elements in the video
    • Set the transitions between elements
    • Automatic calculation of the video duration (music in relation to the number of elements)
    • Create cover and break photo's