The easiest way to create a personal
tribute for the funeral service.
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    Every Goodbye is the
    Birth of a Memory

    Behind every tear of sorrow,
    there is a smile of memories

    Saying goodbye in a very personal way

    With ease and tranquility

    The dearest memories in one memoria

    What is Prodiz Memoria

    Prodiz Memoria is the easiest way to create a personal tribute for the funeral service.

    Saying goodbye is difficult, so it’s important to easily make a beautiful commemorative video. Step by step this also helps you in your mourning process, It’s a special and personal way to give homage to the life of the deceased.

    You are in control and determine which moments you share, and the music you add, You know exactly what the important moments where for you and your loved one.

    The Prodiz Memoria team understands the importantce to make a personal tribute to your loved one without any worries or technical knowledge.

    Are you interested in a commemorative video? Then have your funeral supervisor or insurer contact us.

    What is Prodiz Memoria

    What do you need?

  • Digital photos or video clips and of course precious photos from photo albums
  • Your mobile phone to upload the photos that you take
  • If you don't have enough photos, you can use theme images from nature or other atmospheric images that are in our library
  • The music tracks you have selected or want
  • Then you start to arrange the photos and the editing of the video
  • This goes step by step, and you can always preview the result
  • Functions

  • Provide images and sound for the complete funeral service
  • Editing and cropping photo and video material
  • Manage pause images (start of the service / moment of speaking)
  • Upload photos with your smartphone with a unique link
  • Complete control of the service on location
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